I’ve done my own house. One of the things I like is that it easier to notice spills and grime. Plus it’s way easier to clean it up. The white liner is bright. A lot more sanitary than the wood. (note:even more important if your cabinets are particle board).


We had our ceiling and walls flooded (twice) in 2 years from a leak in the unit above. No one notice the leak. With this product, a leak inside the sink base cabinet will flow out the front of the cabinet and onto the floor where it’s easy to notice.


Preventing the embarrassment and inconvenience was so worth the minimal cost.


“I’m a neat and clean freak. Now I love opening the doors under my sink.”


Getting that ugly spot cleaned and freshened has inpired me to work on other disaster spots (behind the fridge and the sink drains – yuk!!!)


It’s weird to say, but I feel better about myself.  Who’d a thunk?


I’m gonna see if my insurance company will lower my rates. They should!!


White and bright. My plumber thought this was the best idea in the world. Commented that the white made it easier to see inside.


Wall and floor framing had to be replaced on our house. What a mess. Now we’re protected.


I hate making insurance claims. This makes making one less likely.



The installer was “Mr Clean” himself. Such a nice professional young man. I gave him a nice tip.