What is the cost of Tidycab cabinet protector?

Cost varies depending on location but averages $200.00 for 3 cabinets in North Kona area.


What areas do you serve?

Tidycab will serve any area but there may be travel costs incurred outside of North Kona.


How long will it take to to have Tidycab installed?

Typical installation is around 1 hour.


Where else may I purchase this product?

Tidycab is not an off-the-shelf product. Each job is custom fit.


Is there a warranty?

There is really nothing to fail. If you are ever dissatisfied we will refund your entire purchase price.


Do I get a better deal if I do more than one cabinet?

Yes. Tidycab discounts for multiple cabinets in one house and for large multi-unit projects.


Why use Tidycab instead of a tray?

Tray’s are not custom fit and water may pool  under them. Also, water be left unnoticed in the tray causing mold in the cabinet.